If you're getting married at an awesome location, be it local or overseas destination, traditional or elopement style. We are offering a limited one time offer for us to film your wedding experience, so you can treasure your big day once you cover all travel related expenses and accomodation. This is A Limited time offer act now. Simply fill out our contact from and the keyword AWESOME in the first line of the description.


You deserve to have your memories, treasured for many years. Weddings can be expensive and you might want to cut back on some stuff. We are here for you. Our offer to you is $1,500, no travel fees, anywhere in mainland United states. This offer will give you a Highlight Video with speeches and vows exerts as well as a bonus offer of your full ceremony video and full length speeches done as bonus videos, A $2400 offer for only $1500. Wedding must be withing the year 2024 and must be Mainland United states. Fill out our contact from and get started today.

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